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 Lowering Levels of Gears And Changing Colors.

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PostSubject: Lowering Levels of Gears And Changing Colors.   Wed Oct 08, 2008 2:12 pm

We have decided that we will be doing item dlvling and color changes again.
This means if you are level 130, and you reborn, you can ASK us to spawn you the LOWEST level of the item.

We will NOT change it to the level you want, because this takes too long for us to check through the complete item list.

Gems inserted in the original weapon will be given back, although you will have to insert them yourself again.
We are not responsible for any loss, when you get killed in Phoenix Castle while inserting gems.

If you want any specific color when dlving items, tell us in advance, otherwise we will take a random color (probably black)

We also wish to tell you, that if you don't like to get in trouble, you shouldn't be bothering Iresh with any of this, because she has other things on her mind.

This may result in any punishment, if you are being to annoying.

So please, ask a GM instead.

We have the rights to ignore your request at any time.
Asking for extra additions being made on your items ( like adding -7 when your original armor doesn't have this) will result in a botjail.

The Pwnquer GM Team ( sounds funny)


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Lowering Levels of Gears And Changing Colors.
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