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PostSubject: CAMPING.   Sat Jul 05, 2008 3:06 pm

It has come to my attention from other gms that since the player limit was introduced players have started leaving their characters online even when not playing.

Unless you are a merchant, this is now a bannable offense.

Merchants who have sold all their items will be kicked without further penalty to make room for other players. Merchants who have items for sale for unfair prices to try and avoid this will be dealt with as we see fit. If you have an item up for 999,999,999 and a hawk line of "pleae make offer", you better not be AFK. Smile

If you are afk, and not selling items for a fair price, you will be kicked off when I find out, and given one strike. 3 strikes in one week and you will be banned.

Characters that have not gotten at least 2 promotions will be banned at the first strike.

If you want to be able to always get on, the proper thing to do is donate $10, which will enable you to login regardless of the number of players.

The only alternative to bans is to make it so players are automatically kicked after a certain number of hours of playtime, regardless of activity, or to restart the server frequently. I think most people here woudl prefer that the people who abuse the system be banned.
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