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 About CAP.

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PostSubject: About CAP.   Wed Jul 09, 2008 4:30 am

Some people seem to not believe that VIP actually bypasses the player cap.

If you are actually hitting the cap, the screen will turn black before the error box appears. If you are getting the "Connection failed due to server maintainence or internet congestion" message, then the cap is not what's preventing you from connectiing, and you should try again 30 seconds later. I've tested this with a non-VIP account.

When many people try to connect at once (as often happens when the server is at the cap) connection attempts sometimes fail to even reach the logon server. Nothing can be done about this. You simply must retry the connection until it works.

We are not trying to rip anyone off here with false claims. If you have paid to bypass the cap you will be let in even when the server is full. Have a little patience before giving up. Smile
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About CAP.
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